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L’Original Rose Gold Diffuser in a car

Moving Scents

Luxury Car Fragrance

L’Original car diffuser

Moving Scents

Luxury Car Fragrance


L'Original Diffusers

L’Original redefines the sensory experience for car owners while ticking all the boxes you want it to: it looks, feels and smells delightful, combining a minimalist, futuristic design with a smooth and lustrous finish.The ultimate fine fragrance accessory designed to be leak-free, hardwearing and easy to use. Create a playful experience by mix and matching to suit your mood.

L'Original Scented Refills

We’ve teamed up with leading perfumeries across the UK, Switzerland and France to develop a collection of refined car fragrances. Created from top end ingredients using savoir-fair of the industry leading fragrance manufacturers, so your car journey can turn into an olfactory adventure. Our wide range of nature-inspired scents is designed to appeal to a variety of tastes, personalities and journeys.

L'Original Metal Collection

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