Q: How strong is the fragrance from the diffuser?

 The diffuser emits a gentle smell that is strongest for those next to the air vent where you’ve plugged in the diffuser.

 If you’d like something a bit more potent - and for the scent to be more evenly distributed throughout the car - we recommend using multiple diffusers. This gives a stronger scent, allows you to mix and match different fragrances and adds a nice visual touch (our diffusers are stylish design pieces in their own right). 

 Q: How long do the car fragrance refills last? 

 Typically, we expect the car fragrance refills to last up to two months. We strive to use as much of natural ingredients as possible which have a shorter fragrance retention than synthetic alternatives. To ensure a consistent scent in your car, we recommend replacing the capsules each month.

Q: Why do the fragrance capsules sometimes appear discoloured?

 You may have noticed that your fragrance capsules are uneven in colour. This is due to the combination of natural ingredients and the process used to create the solid scent capsules, which results in an uneven appearance but won’t affect the quality or potency of the fragrance in any way.

Q: How does temperature affect the scents ?

 The fragrance is more pronounced in warmer airflow, and feels lighter in colder airflow.

Q: Which fragrance should I choose?

This really comes down to personal preference, which is why we’ve created a variety of fragrances to suit a wide range of olfactory palates. Some people like to pick one scent and stick to it, while others prefer to mix and match in the car. We encourage to be playful with multiple diffusers and our moving scent refills to create a unique olfactory environment in your car.

Q: How do the diffusers work? 

The diffusers have flexible clips which attach easily to the air vents inside your car. They work with a twist-lock mechanism, so you can fill each diffuser with a solid scent capsule. The diffuser is activated whenever you turn on the air conditioning or heating in your car.

Q: When will my products be delivered? 

For UK mainland delivery, we aim to deliver the next day if the order was placed during the weekday, however, it can sometimes take up to 3 working days. 

Christmas Delivery Cut-Off Dates:

• United Kingdom – order by Monday 20th December 

Q: When will International Shipping be delivered?

If you’re hoping to gift someone a L’Original car fragrance, please check the following list for your country’s Christmas order cut-off date: 

• Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Far and Middle East – order by Monday 6th December 

• Belgium, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany or Spain – order by Tuesday 14th December  

For Standard International Shipping please allow 5 to 20 working days; depending on shipping method selected at checkout.

Please note, you will need to pay any applicable local taxes, customs duties and any relevant fees when your order is delivered to all destinations outside of the UK.

Q: What’s the difference between L’Original car diffuser and a typical car air freshener?

L’Original diffusers offer a fine fragrance option for your car journey, with a reusable diffuser and a variety of scents to appeal to a range of different tastes. We strive to use the safest, IFRA-regulated and most natural ingredients to create a sensory experience that’s more subtle, refined and less toxic than your average air freshener. 

Since the diffusers are refillable and the scent capsules are biodegradable, we are also offering an alternative that’s longer-lasting and kinder to the environment. Plus, our diffusers are petite, discreet and appealing to look at. 

Studies have found that smells can affect a person’s mood, concentration and wellbeing, and we believe L’Original’s diffuser will improve your overall driving experience and car journey.