Q: Can the scent of the fragrance refills be any stronger?

L’Original’s ethos is to use high-end, natural perfumes and fragrances without any chemical additives, which results in a fresh, but not overpowering, scent.

Q: Can the car fragrance refills last longer than a few months?

The natural properties of the fragrance ingredients we use means that fragrance retention typically lasts up to a few months.

You may also find that the car fragrance capsules look uneven in colour – this is normal when using natural ingredients.

While the fragrance refills can last up to one month, for the freshest scent in your car, you can replace the capsules every month

Q: Do the scents change based on different environments?

The fragrance is lighter in cold temperatures and feels more pronounced in warm airflow.

Since everyone reacts to smells differently, people’s response to the scents won’t be the same, so we’ve created a variety of different scents to suit a range of olfactory palates.