About Us


L’Original London was founded by Olesia Jezova Guefif, a mother of two young children living in London. A UCL graduate with a background in luxury goods, Olesia has over 20 years’ experience in fashion and luxury jewellery, working for brands like Dior and Cartier.

L’Original was born out of Olesia’s lifelong fascination with sensory stimulation, and the hypnotic, transporting ability that smell has in elevating the senses.

Seeking to translate the powerful effect that fragrance can bring to any moment to the car experience, L’Original is about injecting every car journey, from the chaotic school pickup to the cross-country open road trip, with a playful multi-sensory component.

When she couldn’t find anything that combined her key requirements – a bold, innovative diffuser design, filled with refined, refillable fragrance - Olesia decided to develop it herself.

L’Original redefines the sensory experience for car owners while ticking all the boxes you want it to: it looks, feels and smells delightful, combining a minimalist, futuristic design with a smooth and lustrous finish. It uses top-quality ingredients developed in perfumeries in the UK and France in the fragrances, and safety is paramount. All in one compact package.